Our History

Computech Software, established in 1990, is a UK based software development house. The company specialises in Business Management software, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) suites.

Over a period of more than 25 years, the Computech team developed a tremendously successful business application framework called “BusinessMan”. Comprised of many modules, this Business Management system offered seamless management of many diverse business processes, over and above what would normally be included with other ERP solutions. 

The Company has continuously developed client / server, web and mobile solutions for those companies who need something special, not covered by “Off the Shelf” (OTS) software.

Computech has been exceptionally successful in International markets, particularly in the United States. In recognition of this performance, Computech were the proud recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Export in 2017. The Directors attended a reception in Buckingham Palace, in the company of Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family, to celebrate this honour.

Computech have also been the recipient of other awards, including the “Small Business Award 2018” presented by the Western Morning News, a south west of England newspaper group. In reflection of this, Computech were proud to sponsor this event on two occasions.

Every year Computech meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

What’s in line for the future?

Since the release of Business Manager Enterprise (BME), which was developed, as a successor to BusinessMan, using state-of-the-art web technologies, it has continuously benefited from the input provided by our customers, leading to the addition of powerful and comprehensive features, which become part of the fabric of the BME framework.

BME allows users to work from anywhere, using any device that supports a modern web browser such as PC, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.  Your business can, quite literally be run from anywhere, where you have access to the internet.

BME has inherited, and notably enhanced, the comprehensive features found in BusinessMan. The scope of the system is phenomenal, from an initial customer enquiry to the end of a complex product or service sale, everything can be processed within BME.   Your supply chain and warehouse storage, manufacturing processes and management of third part logistics (TPL), are all taken care of, all in one package.

BME is also fully customisable. Computech specialise in working with companies who have unique requirements. In particular, where customers are growing and need a more extensive integrated solution to meet their growing demands, but at the same time, do not want the costs associated with many of the more main stream products.

We may be able to help identify issues for you and maybe even provide a solution for your needs. Have a look at our available modules here and our features here.

BME has an ambitious roadmap of continuous feature enhancements and additions, which will benefit all existing and future users.

Important Relationships

We cherish our customer relationships. For this reason, we work closely alongside them to assist with their ongoing demands and enable the flexibility required by modern businesses.

As we have worked with such a varied range of clients, in many diverse business sectors, Computech have realised a wealth of business knowledge, so please feel free to contact us. Have a look at some of our current case studies here.

Most recently, our marketing campaign has launched in the UK with potential customers right on our doorstep. We are ever so grateful for our American customers, however supporting local business development feels great for us too.

We may be able to help identify issues for you and maybe even provide a solution for your needs. Have a look at our available modules here.