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Business Manager Enterprise is a comprehensive Business Operating System (BOS)
It encompassing all of the business management functions you would expect to find, plus many additional features not included in many other types of business management software.

BME builds upon the award-winning BusinessMan Enterprise client server solution, which was developed over a period of more than 25 years to where it is today utilising the latest web technologies so as to give you the performance, flexibility and rich feature set you need, whilst providing access from all platforms supporting a modern web browser.

BME is built on open-source coding, so that we (and you) are not beholden to any other vendors for licensing, deployment or customisation.
BME is primarily provided as a SaaS solution, but we also have the flexibility to offer self-hosted or on premise options.

  • Purchase options also include outright purchase for those who do not wish to pay ongoing fees.
  • Full customisation is also available for those companies where an OTS (Off The Shelf) solution is not a good fit.
  • Our pricing model doesn’t have any hidden surprise extras.
  • No third party functionality add on’s.

“Business software, to run your business, the way you want to”

BME Key Benefits

Many organisations have a multitude of disparate systems which do not talk to each other.

BME is designed to encompass these entities to ensure there is little double entry of data, enabling maximum efficiency for the execution of your business processes.

BME is one of the most complete business management solutions on the market and includes many features considered as cost options in other vendor solutions.

BME manages your CRM requirements, in addition to the sales and supply chain.

Your inventory can be comprehensively controlled, including the manufacturing process and purchasing requirement for replenishment.

Storage locations and logistics are catered for in conjunction with a warehouse management module. 

Project Management, Helpdesk, Job management, Service Contract and Asset Management, are also included as an integral part of the product.

In addition, HR, graphical scheduling for resources (including staff, vehicles, and any other entity) plus support for multi-company, multi-division and multiple departments are included.

Financially, BME provides top down reporting by Company (Multi-Company version) Division and Department, along with multi-currency support for both sales and purchasing.

Accounting is both flexible and comprehensive.

If you prefer, we could also integrate BME with your exiting financial system, providing there is an API available to do so. 

Document management is a powerful feature available in most areas of the system. Documents of any type can be stored and managed by their version.

Once a document is uploaded, it cannot be changed. Any changes need to be saved as a new version.

All these changes are tracked, giving you a comprehensive library of changes and additions.

All user activity including data changes are audited in the area the changes are made, and globally within the system audit trail.

The Audit trail can be searched, filtered and sorted.

BME also has a QA (Quality Assurance) module, where Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) can be raised.

These features are particularly relevant if you are currently, or planning to be, ISO-9000 certified.

Furthermore, BME can be fully customized (not just “configured” in a different way, like many other systems).

We can customise any area of BME, or create additional features, to meet your unique requirements.

The BME system has been written from the ground up by Computech Software, using open source environments.

Therefore, we are not beholden to other organisations for licensing and we are not confined by the limitations imposed by other vendors.

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